Tunnels, such as caves or springs, are often used as ways to enter the spirit world. However the human spirit body also has tunnels within it. Many belief systems use this idea and the location of the tunnels is relatively agreed upon, but he number of tunnels varies. The system of tunnels that most are familiar with is the chakra system. There are seven main chakra points, each corresponding to a specific area of the body and to a specific color frequency. They are often seen as swirling tunnels of color that pass all the way through the spirit body and are surrounded by flowing energy. In healthy people they appear as clear, bright colors or as pastels, darker, dull, or splotchy colors are often a sign of problems or illness. The more active the chakra the larger the tunnel. A good healthy size is about 3/4 to an inch in diameter.

The chakras are connected to each other and to the many other smaller tunnels in the human spirit body along the spine. The tunnels should appear vertically aligned along the spine. Sometimes these interconnecting channels will get blocked, often through accidents, stress, or depression.

Journey to explore your tunnels and to get to know them and yourself. Try to sit or lie with your back straight if you wish to explore the tunnels. Always remember to call your animal guide to go with you. Ask them to guide you to a specific tunnel and tell you about it or tell them about a problem you are having and which tunnel(s) you should visit to find answers.

If you meet obstructions in the tunnels let your guide clear them for you, especially if it is really disturbing (like a large, possibly not so cuddly, monster looking thing). This is their job. They are there to guide and protect you. Let them do it. If you are supposed to help they will let you know. Remember to thank them when you are done and to return by the same route you came.

Do not do this if you are not feeling well. If you feel you must you can try asking a friend to go for you. Sit or lie touching at as many places as possible, but make sure that your shoulders, hips, and ankles touch. They should bring their own spirit guide or work with yours in conjunction with theirs. Let them do the work. Relax and be quiet. You can discuss it afterwards.

Remember to monitor your tunnels. If you notice there is a problem you can fix it before it gets worse. Clear out problems as you find them if at all possible. Another thing you can do is to set up spirit animals to guard your tunnels. Ask your spirit animal to find ones that will work well for each tunnel and with you in general. Ask them nicely to guard the tunnels that would suit them best. Remember to check in with them on a regular basis. Ask them for help when you have problems in the tunnel they guard. And, once again, remember to thank them for their help.