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Essential Oils Natural

Essential oils are used in a variety of different ways. Most commonly used for Aromatherapy, Natural Healing and Perfumes.
Essential Oils should be kept in dark glass bottle and stored in a cool dry place away from light to prevent them from breaking down and loosing their integrity. Our Essential Oils are 100% pure and uncut unless otherwise noted. This listing is for a 1/8 oz bottle (1 dram) of you choice from the drop down selection.

NOTEMost Essential Oils are to strong to be applied directly to the skin and should be diluted with a cutting oil to avoid irritation. Please remember to first dilute your Essential Oils using one of our Massage or Carrier oils before applying to the skin. A rough measurment for safe dilution is between 8 to 16 drops of Essential Oil per 1oz of Carrier Oil. It is always safest to start with a smaller amount and do a patch test on the back of your rist. Whait at least one hour to see if irritation occures. Use half the suggested drops for pregnant women and only 4 drops for children. Additional note: Cinnamon and Wintergreen should be used as a room aroma only, as they they are highly irritating if applied to the skin.

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