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Wicca Store Entrance | Wiccan Supplies | Wiccan Jewelry

The stores below offer you a wonderful selection of affordable Witchcraft, Pagan and Wiccan supplies.  Each store has it's own shopping cart.  You'll need to create separate accounts if you want to shop at both.

Wicca Magical Store
Main Entrance

A great source for Wiccan supplies, books and jewelry. Find herbs, incense, oils, crystals, Celtic jewelry and much more, all at affordable prices!  International shipping is also available. 

Wiccan Jewelry Store Entrance

This store offers a larger selection of Celtic and Wiccan jewelry than our main store.  It also offers lower shipping rates of $5.99  for any size order shipped to a USA address and $8.99 on any size order shipped outside the USA.

Thank you for shopping our stores and supporting

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